"OR" (Caffeine Theatre): See OR…. or you’ll regret it!

Edward Karch (Charles II) and Megan Kohl (Aphra) - Caffeine Theatre

Real or imagined.  Fact or fiction.  Truth or fabrication. Writers craft words together to tell a story.  Each word is chosen for a purpose.  Sequenced together in sentences, every word has the potential to change the meaning.  For a writer, it’s not as important to be black or white, as long as it’s read. 

Caffeine Theatre presents the Midwest premiere of Or.  It’s England circa 1670’s.  Charles II is on the throne.  Nell Gwynneis on the stage.  And Aphra Behn is on a deadline.  Aphra wants to finish her new play.  She’s distracted by her past, present and future.  Her old lover wants her to help.  Her current lover wants her to screw.  Her future lover wants her to play.  A night of assignation plots and sexual trysts threaten Aphra’s theatrical creation.  Should she address the drama in her house or in her head?  Or is a fun-lusting, writer’s dream or a high-spirited, sexy actors’ romp!  Read the rest of my review at Chicago Theater Beat.

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