"Let My People Come" (Street Tempo Theatre): Bright, Bawdy Burlesque!

Let My People Come - Street Tempo Theatre 002

The most sexually satisfied U.S. city is Philadelphia.  Least sexually satisfied?  San Francisco.  Greeks have the most sex.  Culture having the least sex? Japanese.  On either side of the stage, sex-toids are projected. The show hasn’t even started and I’m riveted with the writing on the wall!

Street Tempo Theatre presents its inaugural production, Let My People Come.  The 1970’s!  In the G-rated world, Marlo Thomas sang about acceptance in ‘Free to be you and me.’ On the X-rated stage, a Grammy-nominated musical took that idea and stripped it down.  In 1974, Let My People Come shocked the nation by mentioning the unmentionables…in public.  Sexuality!  Not disguised, inferred or suggested, sexuality is flaunted!  Plushies, S&M, three-way, eroticism is plentiful. And there is a little something – something for everyone in this “Whatever turns you on” revue salute.   Let My People Come is not a dirty little secret, it’s a bright, bawdy, burlesque.

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  • Let me tell you something, the 70s weren't so G-rated. You must be thinking of the 50s.

  • Exactly! The 70s were the I-gotta-find-myself pre-condom era. Simpler times!

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