"House of Yes" (20% Theatre Company): So No-No Wrong, It's Yes-Yes Right!

The House of Yes - 20-percent theatre chicago

Going to someone’s house for dinner is always an interesting exploration of family values.  I’ve been a guest where conversation is sparse and surface.  And then experienced the opposite where the meal is a screaming war zone.  I’m mystified by too much silverware or scraping plates at the table.  Everybody’s family sups a little differently.  A friend of mine described a Walsh holiday dinner as a “Saturday Night Live” skit of the loud family.

20% Theatre Company presents House of Yes.  Marty is bringing a friend for Thanksgiving dinner.  His mother is displeased.  His brother is confused.  His sister is crazy.  The Pascals don’t like outsiders.  They prefer family affairs.  Marty brings home his doughnut-selling fiance anyway. Lesly becomes the target of scorn and desire from his dysfunctional family.  As she is ridiculed for not fitting into the family, Lesly realizes *she* is not the odd one.  Sex, drugs, and gun secrets keeps the family closed off from normalcy.  House of Yes redefines family time with biting humor and forbidden lust.  Read the rest of my review at Chicago Theater Beat.

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