"Eye Inside: The Rock and Roll Allegory of Vance Barrett" (Biophiliac Productions): A Whole Lot Going On!

"Eye Inside: The Rock and Roll Allegory of Vance Barrett" (Biophiliac Productions):  A Whole Lot Going On!

“My Life En Route” is the working title of my autobiography.  The story of a theatre reviewer biking from show to show.  As I watch lives unfold onstage, I manage the dramas and comedies of my own life.  Riveting stuff!?  But what is it?  Is it…

  1. a film,
  2. a play,
  3. a musical
  4. none of the above
  5. all the above

Biophiliac Productions presents EYE INSIDE:  THE ROCK AND ROLL ALLEGORY OF VANCE BARRETT.  A man has gone berserk.  He is in a strait jacket in a padded room.  Who is he?  What happened?  Through a musical retrospective, the audience learns the back story of Vance Barrett.  He’s a successful talent agent.  His business practices are questionable. Years ago, his business partner died leaving a directionless son. Vance has a ward of his own but is more interested in his partner’s offspring.  He spins his public relation savvy and makes-over the kid into a celebrity sensation.  Fame, jealousy, and drugs expose secrets.  Whose spinning who?  EYE INSIDE:  THE ROCK AND ROLL ALLEGORY OF VANCE BARRETT is a little “Behind The Music”, a lot “Entourage”, and slightly vaudevillian with an ever present clown.

EYE INSIDE has plenty of razzle dazzle.  I spend the first act trying to decipher the story from the flashy spectacle.  There’s a clown centerstage.  He mimes an amusing routine as the audience takes their seats.  He then melds into the 6 piece band, The Pawns, serenading the story.  Their sound is electrifying.  The music jams through the show.  So much so, I have trouble making out the lyrics.  It creates a fun atmosphere but it’s not an audio aide. Clown, band, guy in a strait jacket…film clip? Projected on the right side is a short scene of two guys doing shots.  And one of the film actors looks like the crazy guy.  Cue the chorus dancers!  A trio of talented dudes add more snazzy accessories to the visual.  They sing, dance, do drag, do lines… and add vibrant imagery to the creative showcase.  It’s a whole lot stuff going on.

EYE INSIDE was co-created by Sam Quinn and Amelia Turner.  Quinn also serves as writer, composer and star.  Turner has various roles too, including director.  The multi-media piece is an ambitious undertaking.  The idea of combining genres is an occult manifesto waiting to happen.  The entertaining aspects are present.  Clown, band, go-go boys, film clips are all like one hit wonders looking for a collaborative label.  Quinn and Turner need to pull them together in concert.  Coming up with a stronger underlying melody to orchestrate the story will help establish a richer sound to go with all the visual stimulation.  With more cohesion, EYE INSIDE:  THE ROCK-N-ROLL ALLEGORY OF VANCE BARRETT could be 5).  All of the above.

Running Time:  Two hours and ten minutes includes an intermission

At Viaduct Theatre, 3111 N. Western

Co-created by Sam Quinn and Amelia Turner

Written by Sam Quinn

Directed by Amelia Turner

October 14th – Nov 5th

Thursday-Saturday @ 8:30pm / Sun @ 7pm



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