EXTEND THRU February 19th: "Assisted Living" (Profiles Theatre)

Assisted Living cast - Profiles Theatre

My mom used to have a bright yellow Volkswagon.  She loved her Bug with the daisy in the flowerholder.  The car was the Herbie’s cheerful grandma version.  Driving it was like being in a 1950’s sitcom.  Strangers would wave.  In parking lots, kids would come up and talk to it.  So, when mom traded it in, it was a surprise.  Her decision was based on the increasing debilitation of her friends.  As her cronies lost mobility and husbands, mom wanted to be of assistance.  She purchased a bright yellow PT Cruiser to drive the carpool in comfort.  For me, it was amusing until I realized the widows were her age.

Profiles Theatre presents the world premiere of Assisted Living.  Forty-something Anne needs help.  She lives with her mom.  Her mother suffers from dementia.  When mom bites the caretaker, Anne needs to find a replacement.  Levi is looking for a job.  He’s a quirky, young thing.  In the interview, he admits to being a recovering alcoholic with no real experience.  Anne wants her brother to take part in the decision but Jimmy’s a no-show.  Feeling desperate and alone, Anne hires Levi.  He provides much needed relief but with complications.  Oh, and Jimmy is finally home… for good.  Assisted Living is a mild dose of reality.

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