"Noel Coward in Two Keys" (ShawChicago): Double Play = Home Run!

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It’s been twenty years but I still remember the moment and location of my greatest heartbreak.  The taste of my beer.  The look in his eyes. The feel of my blood rushing to my face.  The  sound of absolute silence as a piece of me hit the floor with a dull thud.   The smell of regret… fried fish, stale ale kegs and ammonia-soaked sponges. I left a piece of my heart in an Indiana dive bar called Between the Buns.

ShawChicago presents Noel Coward in Two Keys, two one-act plays.  Playwright Noel Coward was a fan of one-act plays.   In fact, “Come into the Garden, Maude” and “A Song of Twilight” were originally part of a triple play.  In 1974,  the Broadway production starring Jessica Tandy and Hume Cronyn, dropped the third one-act and titled the double feature:  Noel Coward in Two Keys.  ShawChicago is producing this Coward version.  The two plays are both very similar and very different.  It’s these variations that make them familiar and profound.  Under the skillful direction of Robert Scogin, the talented four member chorus orchestrate a rich and complex concert reading.  Check out the rest of my review at Chicago Theater Beat. 

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