Chicago Theatre Off Book chats with Timeline, Stage 773 and reviews Lookingglass, The Lyric and Strawdog plus "Got A Minute?"

 It’s another round of Chicago Theatre Off Book on Chicago Independent Radio Project (CHIRP). This week, we review local theatre offerings that are burning up the stage with fire, heat, and smolder. Later, we’ll chat with Timeline and Stage 773 about the excitement around their 2011/2012 Season. And of course, we’re featuring two local playwrights in our one-minute audio play segment, Got A Minute? Have a listen and let us know what you think. 

Shot word of the show: *curious* 

Chicago Theatre Off Book  October 21, 2011  

Review Round-up from The Fourth Walsh:  “The Great Fire” at Lookingglass Theatre “Lucia di Lammermoor” at The Lyric Opera   “Old Times” at Strawdog Theatre

Special Guests:   Nick Bowling, Timeline Theatre Brian Posen, Stage 773

Got A Minute? “Paper Cut” written by Chad Volkers  and “Krafty Klueless Klan” written by Eleanor Cavanaugh 

Chicago Theatre Off Book is the new voice of community collaboration on CHIRP, Chicago Independent Radio Show.  Every week,  Off Book will feature Chicago leaders in performing arts entertainment.  From small storefront to the big warhorses, Off Book will focus on what’s happening on the Chicagoland theatrical landscape.  With reviews, interviews and one-minute audio-plays, Off Book will showcase the local talents driving Chicago’s dynamic theatre force.  Hosted by Actor Joshua Volkers and Reviewer Katy Walsh from The Fourth WalshOff Book is where Chicago meets to discuss innovation.

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