"Carrie Fisher Wishful Drinking" (Broadway in Chicago): Liquid Courage Served Straight-Up and Dry!

“This is our most desperate hour. Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi. You’re my only hope.”   The first time I heard Carrie Fisher speak it was the 70’s and her ship had fallen under attack. She was a radically contemporary take-charge princess.  She was the anti-Disney heroine and I wanted to be her.

Carrie Fischer in her book-to-stage creation "Wishful Drinking".  (photo credit: Cylla von Tiedemann)Broadway in Chicago presents Carrie Fisher Wishful Drinking for a limited two week engagement.  From a book by the same name, Carrie Fisher has created a tell-all one woman show.  She starts and ends her shtick with the story of a gay dude dying in her bed. It’s the *simple* circle of life for the daughter of Hollywood royalty and the bikini-clad sex symbol from the future. Carrie Fisher chats frankly about being a bi-product of American sweethearts, Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher.  She compares her father’s philandering with Liz Taylor as the Brangelina of the time period.  At one point, she illustrates an org chart featuring the multiple marriages of Deb-Ed-Liz to rule out incest between her daughter and Liz’s grandson. Carrie Fisher Wishful Drinking is liquid courage served straight-up and dry.  Read the rest of my review at Chicago Theatre Beat.

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