EXTENDS THRU January 14th "Bus Stop" (Raven Theatre): This Bus Keeps On Trucking!

Chicago knows from recent firsthand experience that a blizzard puts people in unexpected situations.  Being snowed in together makes friends… strangers, and strangers…friends. Unable to move on from unpleasant conditions, people become physically stuck.  Digging a way out doesn’t always mean a clean exit.  Raven TheatreSophia Menendian, Jen Short, Jon Steinhagen, Michael Stegall, Mark Prachtpresents Bus Stop.  A blizzard strands a busload at the local diner.  The eclectic group of misfits fills the room with oddness.  A nightclub singer tries to escape her abductor.  A professor gets his drink on. An owner battles a headache.  A cowboy wrangles his new filly.  A driver takes advantage of the lay-over.  They mix it up with a strumming guitarist, reading waitress, and the peace-keeping sheriff.  The diner is serving up scrambled eggs with a side of transformation.  Bus Stopbreaks people at the crossroads of life.

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