"A Touch of Poet" (The Artistic Home): Powerful Pretend!

Frank Nall and Elizabeth Argus - The Artistic Home

Life is a lot of work! Shelter, food, survival are the results of hard labor.  The upper class believes they are above the daily drudgery.  They embrace a lifestyle of privilege.  Their every comfort is someone else’s responsibility.   And if they can afford it, more power to them.  Entitlement comes at a cost.

Elizabeth Argus and Frank Nall - The Artistic HomeThe Artistic Home presents A Touch of the Poet.  The Melodys are Irish transplants to America.  The Mrs. and the daughter run the inn.  The Major preens the countryside on his horse.  As the women scrape to pay the bills, the Major comps drinks and tells war stories.  Nora encourages her husband’s grandiosity.  Sara despises her father’s delusional elitism.  When Sara falls for Simon, her father interferes to broker a marriage deal.  Issues arise when Simon’s family shun the Melodys as the lower class.  What’s better? To believe you’re more virtuous than you really are? Or resigning yourself to society’s definition of who you are?  A Touch of the Poet is a riveting struggle for self identification.

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