"Women Are Crazy Because Men are A#%holes" (Cyur Studios): EXTENDED and MOVED TO VICTORY GARDENS!

Back by popular demand, “Women are Crazy because Men are Assholes.”  Last night’s opening was a laughfest!  Guys and gals alike react to the show with hearty chuckles, spontaneous clapping, and sporadic exclamations.    

Richard Christiansen Theater at Victory Gardens Biograph, 2433 n. Lincoln . 
The show runs October 13 – November 6.   The performance schedule is Thursdays at 7 p.m., Fridays at 7 and 9:30 p.m.; Saturdays at 5 and 8:30 p.m. and Sundays at 5 p.m.

My review from July 3, 2011…

When I’m shoveling out the advice for my friends’ relationships, I often resort to one of two phrases.  For my gals crying over a man’s dalliance, I declare firmly ‘he is an asshole!‘  For my guys upset over a lady’s needy demands, I utter ‘well, she IS crazy!’  Finally, a show covers me both ways.  CYUR Studios presents the Chicago premiere of WOMEN ARE CRAZY BECAUSE MEN ARE ASSHOLES ….or MEN ARE ASSHOLES BECAUSE WOMEN ARE CRAZY. It’s the the old chicken or egg riddle!  Nicole loves Dylan!  She plans to marry him.  She imagines growing old with him.  The only problem is they’ve never met.  Their entire relationship has been internet-generated.  When Dylan arrives in town for a physical meet-up, Nicole invites her closest friends and family to meet *her soulmate*.  The other four couples struggle with their own commitments.  Someone cheated.  Someone is leaving. Someone is getting engaged.  But who goes with whom?  CRAZY/ASSHOLES is a witty she said/he said satire.

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I have a friend who has to “bang some bitches” before he can break-up with a girlfriend.  Yep, he IS an asshole.  But I also know the women he dates and they are CRAZY!  Playwright and director Brad T. Gottfred captures it all!  He creates relatable characters and makes them love/lust/hate each other.  Gottfred gets the laughs in multiple sex set-ups.  Someone gets kissed.  Someone gets fingered.  Someone gets McDonalds. The gender reaction to ‘getting IT’ adds to the amusement.  On the surface, it’s a playful swingers‘ brunch.  Underneath, it has a peel too.  Gottfred gives the audience one-to-grow-on with an apples and oranges analogy.  The comparison is reinforced with the ladies dressed in orange and the guys wearing red.

The attractive cast keep doing it!  Despite an escalating, audible Chicago thunder and hailstorm outside, the traveling L.A. troupe didn’t falter.  I enjoyed all the performances but especially the hilarious synergy from Tunisia Hardison (Hillary) and Baxter Defy (George). The couple’s brunch commute is how road rage makes out!  Hysterical! This show seems a perfect bachelorette/bachelor party, ladies night out or date night.  It’s summer relationship angst fun!  It’s light, frothy and a bit sassy! Unfortunately, it’s only in Chicago for three more performances.  Celebrate your Independence Day weekend by seeing couples’ co-dependence sparkle!

Running Time:  Two hours includes a fifteen minute delayed start and an intermission

At Mercury Theatre, 3745 N. Southport

Written and directed by Brad T. Gottfred

July 1st @ 7:30pmJuly 2nd @ 6pm and 8pm

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