"Putting It Together" (Porchlight Music Theatre): It = Brilliant!

Aja Goes, Alex Weisman, Michael Reckling, McKinley Carter & Adam Pelty - Putting It Together - Porchlight Music Theatre

Me: Look, Alex Weisman. 

Theatre Bob: Yep, he’s in the show. 

Me: Which show? 

Theatre Bob: This one.

Me: What?

Having never seen Stephen Sondheim’s Putting It Together, I thought Alex Weismanwas Porchlight’s special guest making the obligatory cell phone announcement. He unassumingly meanders on stage and hilariously kicks off the show with a sequence from The Frogs. During his introduction, the band casually arrives and takes their place on stage. Weisman and Pianist Austin Cook banter with delightful jocular familiarity. From the playful start, it’s obvious that Porchlight Music Theatre has done a fantastical job Putting It Together.

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