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RED (Goodman Theatre): Vivid Artist-in-the-Studio Depiction

RED (Goodman Theatre):  Vivid Artist-in-the-Studio Depiction
In time you’ll drop dead and I’ll come to your funeral in a red dress!’ is one of my favorite quotes from “Moonstruck.”  I’ve always loved wearing the color of red.  It defies the little black dress.  It’s confident.  It’s sassy.  It stands out.  Goodman Theatre presents the Chicago premiere of the Tony Award-winning RED.  Playwright... Read more »

New CHIRP Chicago Theatre Radio Show: Off Book Talks with Steppenwolf, Remy Bumppo and More!

It’s another round of Chicago Theatre Off Book on CHIRP!  This week, we review local theatre offerings about songs becoming story, lesbians becoming parents, and coalminers becoming artists. Later, we’ll chat with Remy Bumppo and Steppenwolf about the excitement around their 2011/2012 Season. And of course, we’re featuring two local playwrights in our one-minute audio play segment, Got A Minute? Have a... Read more »

"Becky Shaw" (A Red Orchid Theatre): Wacky Blind Date Scenario!

"Becky Shaw" (A Red Orchid Theatre):  Wacky Blind Date Scenario!
I hang my meddling credentials on a married couple celebrating 20+ years.  I did that!   With only one real success, I still get in there to match-to-win.  On a particular tragic set-up, I was a witness to my interference.  We set David’s best friend up with my mom’s coworker.  The conversation was reduced to listing favorite... Read more »

"The Amish Project" (American Theatre Company): SEE IT!

On October 2, 2006, ten Amish girls were shot in their classroom.  The massacre stunned the nation.  But what occurred next, really was shocking.  The Amish community forgave the assailant.  The American Theatre Company presents The Amish Project.  Based on the actual events in Nickel Mine, Pennsylvania, Playwright Jessica Dickey retells the story from different... Read more »

"If You Give A Cat A Cupcake" (Emerald City Theatre): Tasty Family Treat!

There is nothing odd about a chocolate frosted cupcake.  It’s ordinary.  When a cat adds on the sprinkles, the ordinary gets pretty wacky!  Emerald City Theatre presents If You Give a Cat a Cupcake.  A little girl is bored.  She wants her dad to play with her.  He has to work.  When she gives her... Read more »

"Mourning Becomes Electra" (Remy Bumppo Theatre): Family Femme Fatale Feud

"Mourning Becomes Electra" (Remy Bumppo Theatre):  Family Femme Fatale Feud
Mama’s boy.  Daddy’s little girl.  Harmless phrases of endearment?  Or the beginning of some incestual love triangle that will eventually lead to death? Remy Bumppo presents Chicago’s premiere of Edelstein’s MOURNING BECOMES ELECTRA.  Christine is beautiful.  All men want her! Her husband. Her daughter’s boyfriend. Her son.  She has worked hard to become the object... Read more »

"Snapshots" (Northlight Theatre): Picture Perfect!

"Snapshots" (Northlight Theatre): Picture Perfect!
With the Facebook age, picture taking has become even more popular.  Not only can I capture the moment, I can post it immediately for all my FB friends to see.  We spend so much time documenting the fun time, we forget to actually have a fun time.  Those posed pictures hold less and less importance. ... Read more »

VIOLET (Bailiwick Chicago): This Show Stars HARMONY!

I’ve never totally bought into “Beauty and the Beast.”  What kind of life lesson is learning to love someone beautiful?  Come on!  What about the ugly people? It makes more sense to sentence the beast with a find-the-inner-beauty-in-yourself-and-others-to-be-truly-happy curse.  “Inner Beauty and the Beast”?!  I could get behind that story.     Bailiwick Chicago presents VIOLET. ... Read more »

Chicago Theatre Off Book

Chicago Theatre Off Book is the new voice of community collaboration on CHIRP, Chicago Independent Radio Project.  Every week,  Off Book will feature Chicago leaders in performing arts entertainment.  From small storefront to the big warhorses, Off Book will focus on what’s happening on the Chicagoland theatrical landscape.  With reviews, interviews and one-minute  audio-plays, Off Book will showcase the local talents driving Chicago’s dynamic... Read more »

"Count of Monte Cristo" (Lifeline Theatre): This Masterpiece can't be put down!

         On a rainy Sunday afternoon, I cuddled up with a blanket and became completely engrossed in a classic tale of vengeance.  Lifeline Theatre presents a world premiere adaptation of The Count of Monte Cristo. On the day of his wedding, Edmond is dragged from the church and falsely imprisoned.  During his incarceration,... Read more »