"Count of Monte Cristo" (Lifeline Theatre): This Masterpiece can't be put down!

Chris Hainsworth and Don Bender - Count of Monte Cristo


On a rainy Sunday afternoon, I cuddled up with a blanket and became completely engrossed in a classic tale of vengeance.  Lifeline Theatre presents a world premiere adaptation of The Count of Monte Cristo. On the day of his wedding, Edmond is dragged from the church and falsely imprisoned.  During his incarceration, he accesses the knowledge and resources to ruin his enemies.  He returns home a changed man.  He is now the mysterious Count of Monte Cristo.  The Count infiltrates the society that wronged him.  He is now a major player.  The game is on.  Having been robbed of his life, the Count has nothing to lose.  Everybody is going down…including him. Lifeline’s The Count of Monte Cristo is a complex and concise masterpiece.  Read the rest of my review at Chicago Theater Beat.

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