"Be A Good Little Widow" (Collaboraction Theatre): Grieves for Lost Potential

Meghan Reardon, Susan Fay - Be A Good Little Widow

Many twenty-somethings struggle with the reality of post college life.  As student loans become due, these alumni sit stunted.  “What do I really want to be?”  Is the big question looking for resolution.  Never is the answer “a widow.”  Collaboraction Theatre presents the Chicago premiere of Be A Good Little Widow.  Melody is a new bride.  She has followed her husband from Colorado back to his Connecticut hometown.  He’s a high power corporate attorney with a heavy duty travel schedule.  She is a ditzy, unemployed couch potato.  When fatality strikes, Melody must cope.  She can turn to her controlling, manipulative mother-in-law or her husband’s adorable, young assistant. What’s a widow to do? Be A Good Little Widow grieves for lost potential.  Read the rest of my review at Chicago Theater Beat.

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