"The Lion in Winter" (Idle Muse Theatre Company): Marvelous Monarchial Mayhem!

The Lion in Winter - Idle Muse Theatre


Brothers are fighting over the Crown of England.  Mom is visiting from prison.  Dad is sleeping with his son’s fiance.  The King of France is in the guest room.  Going home for the holidays can be stressful. For this family, it’s going to be war! Idle Muse Theatre Company presents The Lion in Winter.  Playwright James Goldmanimagines the 1183 Christmas gathering for the family of King Henry II.  The King releases the Queen from her prison tower to visit.  Their contentious relationship survives and thrives on high-stake game playing.  The King holds the throne and the marital contract of his mistress to a son.  The Queen has valuable land, the region of Aquitaine. They both want it all. Their three sons become pawns in the race for the big payoff.  Alliances are made and broken and mended and severed and patched and obliterated.  It’s monarchial mayhem.  The Lion in Winter roars with majestic family dysfunction.   Read the rest of my review at Chicago Theater Beat.

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