The Double (Babes with Blades Theatre Company): Madcap Love Fest!

A starlet flips her lid as yucks cast an eyeball on the bum rap that she’s a sharecropper.  The director’s ex snaps a cap over her active duty.  Is it the wrong gee?  Should she bust his chops or take a powder?  Babes With Blades Theatre presents the world premiere ofThe Double.  It’s 1940’s.  Conspirators have rallied the gang together for a staged production of “Cyrano.”  Offstage, notes exchange.  Written  communiques enticeMark Pracht as Charles Fontaine and Kimberly Logan as Olivia Wood in Babes With Blades' production of "The Double" (Photo by Johnny Knight)individuals to take a chance.  But on the production or on love?  Backstage, a scurry of activity positions the swashbuckling “Cyrano” to attract movie studio heads.  In the wings, multiple real life love triangles threaten the show-must-go-on force.  It’s a madcap love fest of mistaken flirtations. The Double is a triple threat as a comedy, romance, action play.

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