Strangers and Romance (Strangeloop Theatre): Beautiful Tales of Hope through Despair

Where does romance start?  In a deserted train station?  In an empty church? Where does love end?  On an isolated subway platform?  On a vacated pew?  Strangeloop Theatre presents Strangers and Romance.  Award-winning, Chicago playwrightBarbara Lhota uses two one-act plays to illustrate the distance and closeness of lovers and strangers.  In a Boston subway station, Madison and Maddie role-play chance encounters to ignite their sex life.  The game playing gets a reality check as they struggle with a devastating loss.  In a church, a man and a woman stumble on each other.  Misery draws them together in an unburdening evening.  Is it easier to find romance with someone new? Strangers and Romance is a poignant look at love that ties, knots, unravels over years, over minutes.

Timothy C. Amos, Stacie Barra Tournis - Strangeloop

Check out the rest of my review at Chicago Theater Beat.


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