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"THE TROJAN WAR" (Inconceivable Theatre): Peel Away the Skin, The Core is Mythical!

"THE TROJAN WAR" (Inconceivable Theatre):  Peel Away the Skin, The Core is Mythical!
‘Who started it?’  After the annual family vacation, I am more than familiar with this question.  It’s an inquiry not unique to this generation.  My 6 year old nephew, Noah recently proclaimed, ‘kids make me sick.’  The declaration refers to his cousin, 4 year old Grace.  The justification for acts of unkindness seems no different... Read more »

BLACK & BLUE (The Factory Theatre): Cubs vs Sox, Family Divided!

              I remember where I was in 2005 when the Sox won the World Series.  Not because of people turning over cars or the triumphant sound of unified jubilation, I remember it for the blip in conservational hum.  Bill and I were at Charlie’s Ale House in Andersonville.  We were actually... Read more »

"Side Man" (Ka-Tet Theatre): Compelling Story & All That Jazz!

"Side Man" (Ka-Tet Theatre):  Compelling Story & All That Jazz!
Chicago is known for music.  Over the decades, the focus has shifted from blues and jazz to rock.  In our front yard, we showcase some of the Nation’s biggest bands at Lollapalooza.  In our backyard, we feature the stylings of independent bands at Pitchfork.  And at street festivals across town, we introduce the new sounds... Read more »

15th Annual Fillet of Solo Festival (Lifeline Theatre): See It NOW!

            Facebook and Twitter reduce life stories into 140 character tweets or a couple sentence post.  The funny happenings that we want to share with friends are now bite size, impersonal headlines.  Sure, it’s immediate but it’s also just scanned!  LIFE stories are meant to be spoken…out loud… with humor… to inspire... Read more »

"Forever Plaid" (Highland Park Players): Charming Simplistic Nostalgia!

Backstreet Boys, In Sync, New Edition – boy bands have a resurgence every decade or so. People can’t get enough of that old-fashion barber quartet sound.  In the 1950’s, foursome harmonization was particularly popular.  A local favorite, Forever Plaid, was rising in hometown stardom.  Their road to fame seemed clear until a group of Catholic... Read more »