"Forever Plaid" (Highland Park Players): Charming Simplistic Nostalgia!

Forever Plaid - Catherine Davis

Backstreet Boys, In Sync, New Edition – boy bands have a resurgence every decade or so. People can’t get enough of that old-fashion barber quartet sound.  In the 1950’s, foursome harmonization was particularly popular.  A local favorite, Forever Plaid, was rising in hometown stardom.  Their road to fame seemed clear until a group of Catholic school girls stopped the music. Highland Park Players presents Forever Plaid.  En route to their evening gig, Forever Plaid is fatally hit by a parochial bus.  Fifty years later, through some cosmic force of balance, they return for that unsung show.  Preserved in their matching plaid ties and cummerbunds, the boys are back! Forever Plaid charms with simplistic nostalgia.

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