15th Annual Fillet of Solo Festival (Lifeline Theatre): See It NOW!

Fillet of Solo - Lifeline Theatre


Facebook and Twitter reduce life stories into 140 character tweets or a couple sentence post.  The funny happenings that we want to share with friends are now bite size, impersonal headlines.  Sure, it’s immediate but it’s also just scanned!  LIFE stories are meant to be spoken…out loud… with humor… to inspire and entertain.  Lifeline Theatre presents the 15th Fillet of Solo Festival.  It’s three weeks of artists going solo.  Minus the campfire or kitchen table, the performers recollect a little slice of life sometimes ala mode.  The segments are more poignant than stand-up, more intimate than a monologue, and more hopeful than a rant.  To use a phrase from performer Caroline Andres, it’s ‘imagined reality.‘  The adoption of the festival (started in 1995 at Live Bait Theatre) into the LIfeline’s season is a perfect fit to their mission!  Fillet of Solo Festival IS ‘big stories, up close.‘    Read the rest of my review at Chicago Theater Beat.

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