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Jefferson Awards 2011 for Equity Theatre: Jeff Pick then Katy Picks

Jeff Equity Nominations – 2010-2011  2011 EQUITY JEFF AWARD NOMINEES Here are the nominees with winners announced on Monday, November 7th.  I’ve marked my picks with the official T4W and for complete disclosure I marked the ones I did not see with the official 🙁 PRODUCTION – PLAY – LARGE Chinglish –Goodman Theatre T4W  Edward... Read more »

"The Rocky Horror Show" (Ludicrous Theatre Company): Needs Toast!

"The Rocky Horror Show" (Ludicrous Theatre Company): Needs Toast!
Newspapers, toast, rice… my first experience of the cult classic movie was mind-boggling insane. Food was flying. Pelvises were thrusting.  People were disrobing.  The audience was performing as much as the actors on the screen.  It was definitely LIVE theatre.  My anticipation of an actual staged version was heightened by those still vivid memories. Ludicrous... Read more »

"Corazon De Manzana" (Mortar Theatre): Human Complexity to the Core

"Corazon De Manzana" (Mortar Theatre):  Human Complexity to the Core
My sister Cindy and I use to stick toothpicks into our Barbies’ heads.  Sometimes, it was to give them a fashionable up-do.  And sometimes, it was just to dishevel their appearances.  With the Dream House AND the dune buggy, our Barbies’ lives were a little too perfect.  They needed a reality check on life’s hardships. ... Read more »

"Colin Quinn: Long Story Short"(Broadway in Chicago): A-musing on a-small-world-after-all phenomena!

The Greeks devised reality shows. The Romans originated the mafia.  The English invented contempt.  Progress?  Where? History just repeats!  Broadway in Chicago presents Colin Quinn: Long Story Short.  “Saturday Night Live” alum and comedian Colin Quinn brings his one man show to Chicago for a limited three week engagement.  It’s Mr. Q’s history of the... Read more »

A Walk in the Woods (Timeline Theatre): Powerless Politicos, Powerful Cast

A Walk in the Woods (Timeline Theatre):  Powerless Politicos, Powerful Cast
Even when I know there is no possible future outcome, I’ll hold a meeting anyway.  Maybe it’s out of courtesy or curiosity.  But I’ll schedule it.  I just run it differently! In an interview, I ask personal questions.  On a date, I ask impersonal questions.  It might be confusing but if the other person thought... Read more »

Strangers and Romance (Strangeloop Theatre): Beautiful Tales of Hope through Despair

Where does romance start?  In a deserted train station?  In an empty church? Where does love end?  On an isolated subway platform?  On a vacated pew?  Strangeloop Theatre presents Strangers and Romance.  Award-winning, Chicago playwrightBarbara Lhota uses two one-act plays to illustrate the distance and closeness of lovers and strangers.  In a Boston subway station, Madison and Maddie role-play... Read more »

The Double (Babes with Blades Theatre Company): Madcap Love Fest!

A starlet flips her lid as yucks cast an eyeball on the bum rap that she’s a sharecropper.  The director’s ex snaps a cap over her active duty.  Is it the wrong gee?  Should she bust his chops or take a powder?  Babes With Blades Theatre presents the world premiere ofThe Double.  It’s 1940’s.  Conspirators have rallied... Read more »

"Family Devotions" (Halcyon Theatre): PrAys on Dark Comedy!

"Family Devotions" (Halcyon Theatre): PrAys on Dark Comedy!
Olivia Newton John prodding people to ‘get physical.’  A mechanical tennis server lobbing balls.  A cult-like fervor damning non-Jesus fanatics.  Three generations of Chinese-Americans assimilate to a California lifestyle.  Halcyon Theatre presents FAMILY DEVOTIONS.  The family is having Chinese for dinner!  Not off the menu, off the boat.  The clan is gathering to welcome a... Read more »

"The Lion in Winter" (Idle Muse Theatre Company): Marvelous Monarchial Mayhem!

         Brothers are fighting over the Crown of England.  Mom is visiting from prison.  Dad is sleeping with his son’s fiance.  The King of France is in the guest room.  Going home for the holidays can be stressful. For this family, it’s going to be war! Idle Muse Theatre Company presents The Lion... Read more »

"We Live Here" (Theatre Seven): Writers Adapt to Chicago

"We Live Here" (Theatre Seven):  Writers Adapt to Chicago
When I’m returning from the mothercountry (Indiana) after a holiday or family what-not, I like to get off I90 at the Stony Island exit.  I meander through the ancient World Fair grounds, graze Hyde Park, and settle onto the Drive.  It’s the most scenic jaunt of my journey!  My favorite moment is coming around a... Read more »