"The Archivist" (The Right Brain Project): Fascinating Confusion

The Archivist - Right Brain Project 03

Nuclear war destroyed civilization.  A scattering of humankind survived.  To continue to function, these individuals embraced machine transformation.  But are they living?  Or are they dead? What makes someone human?  Memories?  Emotion? Pain? Soul?  The Right Brain Project presents the world premiere of The Archivist. The apocalypse happened.  Four cyborgs work for The Man aka The Archivist.  His directive is to travel back in time to save humanity.  To perform the task, he has embraced a machine-likeThe Archivist - Right Brain Project 05focus.  His biggest experiment is the creation of human dolls.  The human avatars will help him educate society to avoid the future annihilation.  Things get confusing when he remembers snippets of his past.  Recycled memories threaten the programming of the dolls to save the world.  Is too much humanity tampering with rebirthing the population?  It’s a little “Deep Space Nine” meets “The Terminator” in “The Fifth District.”  The Archivist is a sci-fi geek’s dream.  It’s an end-of-the-world scenario where the brainiac is the super hero.

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