"The Adventures of Pinocchio" (Chicago Shakespeare Theater) Flawless, Family Fun!

Skyler Adams as Pinocchio - Chicago Shakespeare

Choices!  Life is about making choices.  Whether you are one day old, four years old, thirteen years old or seventy-two years old, everyday is an opportunity to choose a new adventure.  Chicago Shakespeare Theater presents the world premiere family musicalThe Adventures of Pinocchio. Using the tree from his wife’s grave, a lonely Skyler Adams, Liz Pazik, Dylan Saunders - Pinocchiowoodcarver crafts a puppet son.  Pinocchio arrives into the world ready to be a real boy!  Choosing to disobey his father, Pinocchio makes a series of bad decisions that lead him to ongoing misfortune.  Luckily for him, he is never far from a mysterious blue lady watching over him.  Luckily for the audience, Pinocchio’s mishaps are a sequence of high-spirited, comical antics. The Adventures of Pinocchio is not some wooden imitation, it’s genuine… flawless, family fun!

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