"Radio Goggles"(Oracle Theatre): Nostalgic Triple-Play!

My Favorite Husband - Oracle Theatre - Radio Goggles

Back in the day, families huddled around the radio to tune in to their favorite serials.  They concentrated on voices and sounds to decipher the story. The visual was left to the imagination of each listener.  Everyone was listening to the same thing but seeing something different.  Until now!  Oracle Productions presents The Original Radio Goggles. Through the modern advances of ‘amazing radio specs,’  the audience is able to see old radio shows ‘in 3-D, lifelike, and dangerously real.’  (Don’t worry you don’t have to wear goggles!) The innovative team at Oracle combines old audio with new visual. The sound is three old radio episodes.  The look is the ensemble acting out those shows. The actors become the avatars for radio ghosts.  Interspersed commercials for Jell-o and Chesterfield cigarettes add to the authentic feel of life on the radio. The Original Radio Goggles is a clever technique to visualize the past.

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