Review "ONLY KIDDING": A Bit Already Bitten

Only Kidding

Emergent Theatre presents
Only Kidding
Written by Jim Geoghan 
Directed by Frank Nall 
at Chicago Center for the Performing Arts, 777 N. Green (map
through July 10  |  tickets: $10-$30  |  more info

Reviewed by Katy Walsh 

‘Writers don’t know what it’s like under battle conditions.’ A  seasoned comedian struggles to stay relevant in the ever-changing world of showbiz. A newbie writer is brought in to develop new jokes for him. The generational clash isn’t so funny.Emergent Theatre presents Only Kidding.  Jackie loves being a stand-up comedian.  He lives for the spotlight.  He enjoys his old-fashion, uncensored shtick.  His material is losing its audience.  Sheldon is recruited to freshen him up.  He writes politically-correct banter for a TV talk show host.  Their union isn’t civil.   In another dressing room, in another town, two partners debate their act.  Tom and Jerry have been doing the same routine.  Tom wants to bring in new material.  Jerry wants to bring in a manager.  The duet is not harmonious.  Three years later, the foursome meet up in the green room.  Who’s with whom?  Only Kidding is a bit already bitten.

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A man with a keen sense of humor, Steve says ‘funny not LOL.’

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