Review "There is a Happiness that Morning is": Witty, Cerebral Love in the Big Outdoors

Diana Slickman, Colm O'Reilly and Kirk Anderson in Theater Oobleck's

Theatre Oobleck presents
There Is a Happiness that Morning Is
Written by Mickle Maher IMG_0440.jpg
at DCA Storefront Theater, 66 E. Randolph (map
through May 22  |  ticketspay what you can  |  more info

Reviewed by Katy Walsh 

The college watches two people have sex on the quad.  Shocking… especially because the public intercourse is between teachers who will enter courses the morning after.  Theatre Oobleck presents There Is a Happiness that Morning IsTwo poetry professors consummate decades of collaboration. The next day, they acknowledge the super-sized P.D.A. in very different ways.  A barefoot Bernard is in full bloom with twigs and leaves sticking out of his hair and pants.  He poetically states ‘I happy am’ but wants to apologize for the visual spectacle.  A pulled together Ellen owns the intimacy to her class but not necessarily to Bernard.  And she absolutely refuses to ask for pardon from the college. They teach unrelated but related lessons onWilliam Blake’s poetry.  Discourses of ‘Infant Joy’ versus ‘The Sick Rose’ probe happiness and dark secret love.  TheColm O'Reilly and Diana Slickman in Theater Oobleck's

separate verses are interrupted by the college president’s twisted reveal. There Is a Happiness that Morning Is is a witty, cerebral look at love in all the wrong places.  Check out the rest of my review at Chicago Theater Blog

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