Review "Dixie's Tupperware Party": Bowls of Fun!

Down South LLC and Liberty Theatres present


At Royal George Theatre, 1641 N. Halsted
Written by Kris Andersson
Directed by Patricia Richwood
Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays at 7:30pm
Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm
Saturdays and Sundays at 3pm
Thru May 15th
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Running Time:  Ninety minutes with no intermission

Reviewed by Katy Walsh

Tightly sealed box, finding the hole, rimming the surface… at some point, reusable containers aren’t the real topic of this sales pitch.  Sex, Drugs and Tupperware!   Down South LLC and Liberty Theatres present DIXIE’S TUPPERWARE PARTY.  Written and performed by Kris Andersson, it’s a one man -in drag- show.  Dixie Longate is an outspoken, brassy dame.  She drinks.  She screws.  She sells Tupperware!  Dixie uses her real world experience to peddle the merchandise. Transporting Jell-o shots = Rectangular Cake Taker with flipping base #787.  Drinking and driving = Insulated Tumbler with Drip-Less Straw Seal #586.  Lotioning down a truck driver hook-up = Squeeze It Decorator with five interchangeable nozzles #828.  Dixie is selling it….successfully!  The experience is like Rupaul hosting the Home Shopping Network.    DIXIE’S TUPPERWARE PARTY is stackable bowls of fun!


Not to be confused with the Avon Lady, this IS the Tupperware Broad!  Dixie looks stunningly trashy in big hair and a short-short skirt. Dixie engages the audience immediately with mints and big attitude. She’s a fast-talking, sassy ex-con, mother of three. Kris Andersson (Dixie) picks out a few audience members for some abusive humor and effectively calls back the jokes throughout the show.  Victims:  Brian – never attended a Tupperware party, LillieS – a group of five women with the nametag ‘Lilly,’ ME – labeled a lesbian.  The interactive experience is pure raunchy buffoonery.  Andersson has raffle give-aways and a rimming contest.  At one point, Andersson has Brian demonstrate an ‘easy-to-use’ can opener.  Andersson’s instructions and Brian’s application are hysterical!  Andersson’s shticks are rehearsed to satirical heights coupled with improvised playing off the audience.  He proves himself not to be just another pretty face.  He is the authority on campy comedy and Tupperware.   

DIXIE’S TUPPERWARE PARTY has ‘girls’ night out’ or ‘gays’ night out’ written in a sharpie on the lid.  Pop the top off and spill into the Royal George for plastic covered entertainment before the expiration date!  You can even post-show shop the latest Tupperware offerings.  Dixie recommends for throwing a decorative dish at a loved one’s head = the unbreakable Ice Prisms Medium Bowl #901.

Screwing me out of winning a FlatOut! collapsible bowl in orange #498, Dick describes the show with ‘rimming with pride.’


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  • That's wonderful that you were picked on. LOVE it. And Dick's three words are just ... art.

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