Review "Arnie The Doughnut": DELICIOUS!

Audio Podcast available on ITUNES
Narrated by Joshua Volkers
At 6912 N. Glenwood
Based on the book by Laurie Keller
Adapted by Frances Limoncelli
Music and lyrics by George Howe
Directed by Elise Kauzlaric
Saturdays and Sundays 11am and 1pm
Thru May 15th 
Running Time:  Fifty-five minutes with no intermission
Reviewed by Katy Walsh
‘Your better half that makes you laugh’ doesn’t necessarily describe your spouse.  It could in fact be the best affectionate phraseology reserved for your pet doughnut!   Lifeline Theatre KidSeries presents ARNIE THE DOUGHNUT.  In a bakery, where pastries compete to be first sold, a chocolate frosted doughnut with colorful sprinkles aspires to ‘be the best doughnut possible.’  The icing on the cake is the freshly-baked doughboy doesn’t realize he’s delicious for a reason.  When a regular customer deviates from his usual, Arnie gets sacked for home.  Can a doughnut survive in a world starving for confection?  ARNIE THE DOUGHNUT is a family friendly musical about friendships rising out of inedible encounters.

Under the direction of Elise Kauzlaric, the ensemble bakes up some tasty fun.  Kauzlaric keeps the high-spirited fun tightly paced.  George Howe adds the jam with vibrant music and lyrics.  As doughnuts or doughnut holes, the ladies collectively are deliciously harmonious. Abby E. Sammons (Cruller), Julia Merchant (Jelly) and Audrey Flegel (Powdered) are sunshiny goodness.  The trio are a triple treat!  Sammons also embraces her inner French Cruller and her accent is ooh-la-la.   Mr. Doughnut himself, Brandon Paul Eells (Arnie) is an adorable, playful morsel.  Eells has the enthusiasm of a full bakers’ dozen.  His new friend, Anthony Kayer (Mr. Bing) has the awkward likability of an ordinary guy looking for a meaningful relationship with a doughnut.  Kayer decides to play with his food and his life gets sprinkled with love.


The set, designed by Melania Lancy, is brightly colored bakery and condo community.  Kat Doebler dresses up the baked goods with clever hats identifying their individuality.  The combination visual appeals in the full-flavor variety.  The show is a perfect length and animation for 3 years old and up.  WARNING for doughnut lovers, ARNIE THE DOUGHNUT may spoil your appetite for Krispy Kremes.  Friends don’t let their friend eat their friends!

Production photographs courtesy of Suzanne Plunkett.

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