2010 Honor Awards: And The Honor goes to...

On February 23rd, the 2010 Honor Awards were presented to theatrical artists for excellence in their field.  And the Honor went to….

Best Scenic Designer – Alan Donahue for Neverwhere

Best Costume Designer – Elizabeth Powell Wislar for Neverwhere

Best Ensemble – NEVERWHERE by Lifeline Theatre

Best Supporting Actor – Christopher Walsh in Neverwhere

Best Supporting Actress – Stacy Stoltz in A Streetcar Named Desire  

Best Actor – Tracy Letts in Who is Afraid of Virgina Woolfe?

Best Actress – Michaela Petro in Good Soul of Szechuan

Best Director – David Cromer for Streetcar Named Desire

Best Playwright – Robert Kauzlaric for Neverwhere

Best Show – NEVERWHERE by Lifeline Theatre

Special thanks to Master of Ceremonies Joshua Volkers, Award presenter Bob Bullen from Chicago Theatre Addict and the accounting firm of Dick Malone and Associates.  .   


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  • We all had a great time!

    And Lifeline? Hello? We were just down the street.

    Can't wait for next year, Katy -- great job arranging. You know how to throw one hell of a party.

  • Hi! I just wanted to say thanks, and sorry I couldn't be there last night! But rest assured that I am emailing this to EVERYBODY I HAVE EVER MET.

    Thanks again!

  • So sorry I had to miss the ceremony & party, but thanks so much and congratulations to everyone! Cheers, Rob Kauzlaric

  • NEVERWHERE was the show to see. Lifeline sure knew how to organize their voters..... Congrats to all!

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