2010 Honor Awards: The Fourth Walsh Wants YOU to Vote!

2010 Honor Awards


Starting with MINNA on January 3, 2010 through HELLO DOLLY on December 26, 2010, I saw 197 stage shows in Chicago.  What continues to blow me away is the passions and talent in the Chicago theatre community.  Store Front to Multi-Level theatres, Non-Equity to Equity, Newbies to Seasoned Warhorses, Chicago is the rivaling off-Broadway phenomena!  In an effort to remember the best of 2010 theatre, I’ve accumulated a list of my favorites.  I couldn’t possibly choose one clear winner in each of ten categories.   I’m hosting a two tier contest to present a 2010 Honor Award in recognition for exceptional performance.  The first round of voting will designate five nominees in each category.  The second round will select the winner from the five finalists in each category.  2010 Honor Awards will be presented at a party in February. 

First Tier voting has ended.  Stay tuned for the final round starting Friday, January 28th.  And the Honor goes to….  


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  • And the kickass SOUND DESIGN goes to? A bit limited on our scope of what constitutes the making of theater... no?

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