Review "KID SISTER": AKA "Killer Joanne" in Profiles' Successful Franchise!

Profiles Theatre presents


At 4147 N. Broadway
Written by Will Kern
Directed by Joe Jahraus
Thursday s, Fridays, Saturdays at 8pm
Saturdays at 5pm, Sundays at 7pm
Thru December 19th
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Running Time:  One hour and twenty-five minutes with no intermission

Reviewed by Katy Walsh

‘Hey, little sister, what have you done?‘  You think your sister is bad?!   Profiles Theatre presents the world premiere of KID SISTER, written by Will Kern.  A nineteen year old aspires to be the next American Idol winner.  She is confident the audition will lead to super stardom.  In her delusions of grandeur, she sets up mansion with Cassius and her new-born daughter, Brittany-Fergie.  Demi knows she has ‘IT.’ She just needs to get rid of one stalker standing in her way.  Demi wants her ex-con brother to kill her ex-boyfriend.   KID SISTER is like the ‘Killer Joanne’ sequel to last year’s murderously successful ‘Killer Joe.‘  This time, the contracted hit requires more than money.  It’s darker then the darkest dark.

KID SISTER Press Photo Horizontal.jpg

Under the direction of Joe Jahraus, the killer cast is in-your-face slash-a-rific.  As the kid sister, Allison Torem (Demi) is a twisted mess.  Buying pot instead of baby formula, Torem aggressively justifies the nutritional value of a mashed potato chip concoction.  Torem’s performance is an exhausting screaming rationalization.  In a demanding, unglamorous role, Torem is fabulous at being horrible.  Despite Torem’s rotten demeanor, she is the target of attention from three men.  Darrell W. Cox (Cassius) is empathetic as the felon turned uncle.  Cox balances out Torem’s loud rants with his signature drawl.  The momentary respite allows a much-needed exhale.  Cox loses control of the situation becoming a drunken-drugged-up magnificent muddle.  Ordered around by both siblings, Eric Burgher (Babe) is a simple guy trying to do the right thing.  Slurpy-sipping, Burgher’s ancillary interactions bring the comic release.  Burgher is understated hilarious.  Aiding in the humor, Emily Vadja (Greta) is the deliciously trashy, trashed neighbor.  Vadja is especially funny goading Torem into showing off her talent. Marc Singletary (Kendall) delivers a two-sided perversion as the sinister stalker.   This cast is intensely aggressive about being outstanding.    

Playwright Will Kern premieres his newest work KID SISTER.  It’s a thriller with more of a lingering emphasis on horror than drama.  The basic plot is there but the backstories are missing.  Demi is fleshed out inhumane.  She is easily identifiable (unfortunately).    The quandary is what ties these men to such a raving bitch?  She is the object of protection and affection but why?  Despite the missing links, KID SISTER is an entertaining nightmare!  The disturbing family dysfunction will make holidays with your crazy kin seem ideal in comparison. 

With a kid sister of his own, Tom describes the show with ‘twisted sister grates.’ 

Production photography courtesy of Wayne Karl.

‘Killer Joanne’ analogy stolen from Joshua Volkers.


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  • "The quandary is what ties these men to such a raving bitch? She is the object of protection and affection but why?"

    That's the way the world works. I ask that question about a lot of people.


  • In reply to UptownDick:

    As always, thank you, Dick, for sharing your worldly observations on 'raving bitches' and the men who love them.

  • In reply to UptownDick:

    It applies to raving bitches and the ment who go to plays with them also. Snap!

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