What people are saying about "Dead Letter Office"

Dog & Pony Theatre Company presents

Dead letter stamp.jpg

At DCA Storefront Theatre, 66 E. Randolph
Written by Philip Dawkins
Conceived by Ben Viccellio
Directed by Dieterich Gray
Thru July 18th
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Running Time:  Two hours includes a ten minute intermission

By Katy Walsh

Neither rain, nor sleet, nor gloom of night stays these couriers from experiencing Dog & Pony Theatre Company’s Dead Letter Office at DCA Storefront Theatre.  Following Friday night’s hurricane in Chicago, survivors were ready to go postal.  Here’s how they summed up Dead Letter Office in three words…  

“Sad, tragic, hopeful” -Carrie Louise

“Funny, exciting, thrilling” -Jeff

“Atmospheric, melodramatic, WTF?” -Tom

“Claustrophobic, silent, caring” -Joel

“Suspenseful, mind-blowing, tragic” -Shannon

“Je don’t get” -Dick

“Return to sender” -Mike

“Creative, bizarre, interesting” -Lashawnda

Chicago Theatre Addict” -Theatre Bob

“Mundane, tragic, triumphant” -Kristi

“Dark, depressing, wet” -Gerald

“No longer here!” -Steve

“Deep, thought provoking” -Tony

“Crazy, intense, forgiveness” -Andrew

”                                       ” -James continues to silently protest my Dog & Pony reviews because of my board affiliation

– Scott is mailing his words to me.


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