Review "The Doctor's Dilemma": Same Healthcare Issues 1906 vs 2010

A timeless treatise on today’s healthcare debate?



ShawChicago presents
Doctor’s Dilemma
Written by George Bernard Shaw
directed by Robert Scogin
DCA Studio Theatre, 78 E. Washington (map)
thru May 10th  |  tickets: $10-$22  | more info 

By Katy Walsh

Who to save? If allotted only enough serum to cure one patient, how to choose who is worthy of it? ShawChicago, in conjunction with DCA Studio Theatre in the Cultural Center, presents Doctor’s Dilemma. Illustrating a lifelong disdain for the healing profession, George Bernard Shaw pens a comedy about doctors debating the sanctity of healthcare for a price. Under the enchantment of a pretty lady, four doctors struggle with the decision to save her charming husband or their bumbling colleague.

shawportrait Although Shaw first produced the play in 1906, his viewpoints are still prevalent one hundred years later. Economics still influences healthcare in adequate coverage for the poor and research interests of the wealthy. Doctor’s Dilemma illustrates the timeless issues of healthcare and arrogant doctors; ShawChicago injects a talented cast. The result is a robust tonic sure to cure any ailment.


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  • OMG. I've been waiting for a review of this show. Thanks for posting. I will definitely check it out.

  • In reply to UptownDick:

    Thank you for being a dedicated reader and commenter. Definitely check out "The Doctor's Dilemma" for timeless healthcare issues and let me know what you think of the show!

  • In reply to UptownDick:

    Zwecker said that you were in attendance at an IO show last night. When will that review go up?

  • In reply to UptownDick:

    It's always been my philosophy not to review Improv because of its ever-changing content. Thank you for asking and your continued interest in my opinion on Chicago entertainment options.

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