Much Ado About Nothing: Trump Sign Just Isn't That Big of a Deal

Much Ado About Nothing: Trump Sign Just Isn't That Big of a Deal
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Why is everyone so upset about Donal Trump branding the building he created?

Is the lettering too garish? Is it the principle?   Would we have preferred a life size statue of the man facing the riverwalk?!

Trump has arguably developed one of the most iconic skyscrapers dotting Chicago’s skyline.  It is  the second tallest building in the city and the design is sleek and even, dare we say, sexy?!  Although everyone was poised to hate what was sure to be a gilded and obnoxious golden tribute to the man beneath “the hair” – we wound up with something much better.   We silenced our collective groan and all moved on with our lives.  That was until 5 simple letters changed everything

As soon as plans for a Trump sign were announced, everyone wanted to chime in:

Through his spokeswoman,Mayor Rahm Emanuel griped “…this is an architecturally tasteful building scarred by an architecturally tasteless sign.”   Movie critic Richard Roeper bemoans that Donald Trump “besmirch[ed] a beautiful building with a ghastly salute to his insecurity and ego”

We say: Why do we care?!

3 Reasons It Doesn’t Matter

  1.  Other Buildings Are Branded   From “The Drake” to “The Essex Inn” – this city is full of hotel building with highly visible, and not always aesthetically inspired, signage.  Trump is the name of the hotel and residences.  Whether or not we love the name, that is the name and business (and hotels) brand themselves
  2. What Is It Really Blocking? Are those two floors of mechanicals really that interesting to look at?  Short Answer: No
  3. The Letters, Like The Building, Aren’t That Bad  This could have been so much worse.  Reflective lettering that is not visible from all vantage points seems like an unobtrusive and sleek style and placement

Don’t get me wrong, we are not personally endorsing Donald Trump or his media persona but his last name doesn’t besmirch or scar this building.

Everyone just needs to stop, sit out on The Terrace for an overpriced cocktail and move on to other things.  Maybe we can all debate whether or not the option to scrap the riverfront retail was a good or bad move…  A discussion for another day

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