Presenting Offers In Person: Good Idea?!

Interesting Tidbit: Did you know that in and around Chicago, Buyers Agents have the right to present their client’s offer in person?

This new old sales strategy has been around for quite some time but few agents know about it.

Chicagoland’s Midwest Real Estate Data (MRED), sets out Rules for Associations and Brokerages participating in their MLS. Section 2.3  States:

The Cooperating Broker or his/her representative has the right to participate in the presentation to the seller or lessor of any offer he/she secures to purchase or lease. The Cooperating Broker does not have the right to be present at any subsequent discussion or evaluation of that offer by the seller(s) or lessor and the Listing Broker. However, if the seller or lessor gives written instructions to the Listing Broker that the Cooperating Broker not be present when an offer to the seller that the Cooperating Broker secured is presented, the Cooperating Broker has the right to a copy of the seller’s or lessor’s written instructions. None of the foregoing diminishes the Listing Broker’s right to control the establishment of appointments for such presentations.

Presenting offers in person can be an interesting option for buyer’s agents looking to connect with the sellers and get a read on the situation.  It also takes more time and may allow the sellers to reveal more than they want to.

This is definitely not right for every situation but buyers and sellers can ask their agent to request in person presentation.  If you’ve tried it, let us know!

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