Say What?! Most people pronounce REALTOR incorrectly?

Say What?!  Most people pronounce REALTOR incorrectly?
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Are you saying REALTOR wrong?!  You just might be!

A recent article by Business Insider puts REALTOR at #8 on their list of words commonly being mis-pronounced.

If you or someone you know is  referring to a “real-a-ter” feel free to correct them.
*If you already have a pesky habit of correcting your friends also be prepared for the groans and/or light punch that will certainly follow

According to the article, the correct pronunciation is “real-ter”although a few industry insiders have commented that the correct pronunciation is “real-tor”

I bet Phil Dunphy says it correctly.

Note: REALTOR is a registered trademark specifically referring to licensed real estate agents who are also members of the National Association of REALTORS.


To read the list of commonly mis-pronounced words Click Here

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