Craigslist Rental Scam: Can You Spot One?

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There is such a thing as too good to be true…

Rent ads are popping up on a number of websites that seem legitimate but are now part of a growing con.  The ads have plenty of pictures, detailed information about the property, and a seemingly legitimate email associated with them. 

NBC5 reported on a woman who was taken for $800 despite the owners contact Craigslist regardign the scam.  In the Bontzes’ situation, their home was listed for sale and the listing information was used to mimic an authentic rental listing.  Unfortunately, this type of con is becoming more and more frequent.

In July, a client forwarded a post for a South Loop apartment in 1400 Museum Park that was listed well below other similar apartments.  The client found it on Yahoo and assumed that with the pictures and other supporting information, it was a legitimate post.  The giveaway was the request for the security deposit as Western Union or Money Gram.

Don’t Be A Victim:

  • Schedule a Showing                                                                                       If they have the right to lease it- you should be able to see it before fronting any funds
  • P.O. Boxes & Money Orders – Red Flags
  • Ask Questions!

Craigslist Scam Tips

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