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5 Strange Homes

Unabomber Shack Courtesy Holiday Hiatus Over… We know, we know…. shame on us for leaving you hanging.  But we are back and with a vengeance. Well- not a vengeance- but still awesome… The Condoist (  Gift to You:  5 Strange Homes You Can Purchase Today If You Have the Money  Prices start at $69,500.... Read more »

Cloudy with a High Probability of Short Sales: Get Ready for More

CNBC is reporting that banks may be changing their tunes once we realize the full impact of foreclosures on their books. Here’s the breakdown…. Why would banks prefer a short sale? According to Fitch, CNBC’s source, short sales experiene a 10% higher recovery rate. “Loss severities on distressed U.S. residential mortgage loans are likely to... Read more »

Hjalmarsson Buys a Home : Blackhawks On the Move

Courtesy VHT/Baird & Warner Think the market is at a standstill?  Well Blackhawk Niklas Hjalmarsson is weathering (yes, there is snow and yes, the market is a bit ‘treacherous’- who doesn’t love a play on words?!) the Chicago real estate market and has taken the plunge. Chicago Breaking Sports (affiliated with the Tribune) made mention... Read more »

Affordability is Up. Why is Nobody Taking the Plunge?

Great Crain’s Article Yesterday on Housing Affordability: The prolonged housing slump has produced a paradox: Local homes are more affordable than they have been in at least a decade, but not many people can — or want to — buy one. The question economists and industry professionals keep asking: Why not? Here is a look... Read more »

Egg-ceptional Home:

A Beijing architect has taken home innovation to a new level: Courtesy Yahoo Dai Haifei spent one thousand dollars and has created a mobile, egg-shaped home.  It stands a mere 6 feet high and has a single lamp which powered by a solar panel. The egg is nothing fancy too look at and has been... Read more »

Cabrini Green

NBC5 is reporting that the final remaining building in the famed Cabrini Green housing complex is vacant and awaiting demolition. What will become of the space? The Chicago Housing Authority development was originally constructed between the 1940s and the 1960s.  They are known for violent crimes, largely spurred by local gang activity, called into... Read more »

Spire: Still Dead

Image courtesy Curbed Chicago Blink and you may have missed it.  For those of you still holding on to the belief that unicorns are real and that the Chicago Spire still may be built…. I am sorry. Unicorns are real but, the Spire is done.  The Irish developer grasping at straws has finally lost control... Read more »

Reality Bites: Housewife Homevalues

Calling all Bravo junkies: Ever wonder what those celebreality homes are worth? LXTV has the numbers, the features, and the interior shots.

To Buy Or Not To Buy?

Actor David Tennant as Hamlet Courtesy ABC Australia We are now in that strange time of year where real estate takes a backseat to holiday parties, overeating, and last-minute shopping that consumes us from Thanksgiving to January 1.   Those of you on the fence may want to think about making a move (pun intended). ... Read more »

Overnight Winter Parking? Think Again

Image courtesy Chicago’s Overnight Winter Parking Ban resumed today at 3 a.m. It will be in effect from 3 a.m. to 7 a.m. every night until April 1, 2011.  The ban is in effect, regardless of snow. Ignoring the Winter Overnight Parking Ban can result in a $150 towing fee, a $50 ticket, and a... Read more »