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How Your Credit Score is Dropping Even If You Do Everything Right

Many consumers are having a startling realization: they pay on time every time and still, their credit score is dropping.  NAR, the National Association of REALTORS, has taken note and is fighting this on your behalf. How can this happen and is it already affecting you? The Likely Scenario:Banks have been cutting credit limits, citing... Read more »

Cyber Monday Home Deals

Cyber Monday is that magical day when people at work ignore their corporate responsibilities and online shop instead of playing solitaire. While the premise of this store sponsored bargain fest is for the public to complete their holiday shopping early, it may come as no surprise that with such solid deals, many end up shopping... Read more »

Mortgage Rates Are Going Up

Last week we talked about the anticipated increase in rent rates and we have a another spot of news that will a is reporting that rates are now at their highest level since August.  For the past few months we have been spoiled and it seems that we now know just how low rates... Read more »

Block 37 Update

No surprises here: Crain’s reported on Friday that Block 37 is almost out of Freed’s reach: A Cook County Circuit Court Judge on Friday issued a foreclosure order against the four-level downtown shopping center, which means a foreclosure sale could be set in the next two months. The ruling, which came during a short court... Read more »

7 Housing Trends

#3: A Shed Prosales Magazine released the 7 trends they say will shape the future of the real estate market. We have broken them down for you: Builders Cutting Costs: Builders will cut down construction price to drive the true cost of new homes down as much as 36% Energy Star: New design and installation... Read more »

What the Fukudome?

Chicago Magazine’s deal of the week is none other than Chicago Cub Kosuke Fukudome  In a string of athlete driven transactions (or attempted transactions) Fukudome has bought a home as trade rumors loom in the distance. The condo that Fukudome bought had been the building’s sales model; it was already finished with assorted upgrades from... Read more »

Get Ready To Hurt: Rent Rates Are Going Up Fast

Courtesy London Property Market Sabrina over at Cribchatter drew our attention to the Crain’s article about skyrocketing rent rates.  It’s so good it is worth a  second mention… Landlords, get ready; you’re about to have the upper hand.Still renting?  Start looking for roommates saving Early indicators predict an 8-10% increase in rent rates between now... Read more »

Facelift For Navy Pier

Navy Pier Today, Navy Pier is one of Chicago’s most popular destinations averaging 8-9 million visitors annually. Back in 1995 the pier was re-imagined to create a tourist friendly ‘cash-cow’ to support Navy Pier.  Today, many look at the pier as an outdated eyesore reminiscent of a carnival.  The Chicago Tribune is reporting that that... Read more »

Dempster Diving: Another Chicago Athlete Home

Dempster’s Home on the 3600 block of Wayne Image Courtesy of Zillow We know you love a bit of voyeuristic celebrity sneak peaks.  As if Dustin Byfuglien wasn’t enough, we have moved to an athlete still playing for Chicago.Amidst reports that former Cub Ted Lilly had dropped his price again after being traded, we stumbled... Read more »

Sinking Ship? One Third of Chicago Area Homes Are Underwater...

Image Courtesy Chicago Breaking Business reported today that 32.9% of single family homeowners owe more on their mortgage than their home is currently worth.  This figure only reflects the value of houses and not condominiums or other multi-unit dwellings. The report, published by Zillow, highlights the effect of these so-called ‘underwater houses’: “Negative equity... Read more »