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Bridgeport Fair Housing Dispute Takes Another Turn

The House In Questions Courtesy of the MLS As many of you may know, there has been a small scandal brewing in the Chicago Real Estate market.   Back in August, radio deejay and comedian George Wilbourn filed a multi-million lawsuit against a Chicago couple, their real estate agent, and his company amidst allegations of... Read more »

Condo Auction: Refco Felon Edition

680 Lake Shore Exterior Crain’s Chicago Business is reporting that two units formerly belonging to Tone N Grant are going up for auction.  Grant was convicted of defrauding investors in a highly publicized commodities trading firm (Refco) collapse.  His two units, located on the 16th floor of 680 Lake Shore are up for auction Tuesday... Read more »

Busy But Posting

Can you ever forgive us?! A formal apology to our loyal readers- we have been swamped! Posts have been shorter and later in the day but that will soon change.  We promise!

Smart Home Chicago?

Courtesy XYZservers So Chicagoans may not be the smartest city dwellers in America, but we’re not half bad either Chicago ranked 24th out of 55 large cities in the US in the poll by Daily Beast. For the full rankings, click here

Q & A With Vince Milito: Short Sales- A Seller's Perspective

Courtesy Bubble Info Today marks the first of our 6 part series on Short Sales.  We sat down with Vince Milito, a Short Sale Specialist with Jameson Real Estate, and the President of MRG Negotiators, Inc. He has been selling residential real estate since 1996 and has specialized in short sales since 2008. Q: Do... Read more »

Live in Cook County? Some Temporary Foreclosure Relief is reporting that Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart will not be enforcing foreclosure evictions for the time being.  Specifically from foreclosures related to Bank of America, Chase, and GMAC, This is not the first time Dart has done this: Two years ago, Dart halted evictions after it was discovered that banks were not sending... Read more »

Foreclosure Halt Over? GMAC and B of A Resume

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that both Bank of America and GMAC plan to resume foreclosures after finding no serious issues in their process.  Monday’s moves are part of a growing counterattack by lenders scrambling to stem a financial and political threat over allegations that certain employees signed hundreds of documents a day without... Read more »

A Home Worth a Cool Billion?

And you thought Byfuglien’s home was special… The Ambani Mumbai Mansion Courtesy of CORBIS/UK Telegraph A Billionaire in Mumbai doesn’t seem to be affected by the global economic woes.  He has just built a 27 story monstrosity home.  The UK Telegraph reports: It contains a health club with a gym and dance studio, at least... Read more »

The Future of the Luxury Market: A Numbers Game

nce upon a time (Okay- not that long ago), in a land not so far away, budgets were stretched, mcmansions were purchased, and we are now seeing the extent of the casualties. Chicago Real Estate Daily (affiliated with Crain’s Chicago Business) reports: For the entire Chicago area, sales of single-family homes priced at $1 million... Read more »

Byfugli Home?!

NBC5 is reporting that former Chicago Blackhawk Dustin Byfuglien’s Roscoe Village home is on the market now that he has been traded to Atlanta.  Judging by the interior photos, he has packed up and moved on.   Courtesy of @properties Some Stats About the HomeAddress: 1822 W School5 bedroom / 3.5 baths 4200 square feetIt... Read more »