What's in the Name?

Coming up with a meaningful blog title is harder than it seems.

Coming up with a meaningful blog title is harder than it seems.

So I was trying to come up with a title for my blog about Bronzeville where I reside in Chicago, IL. Initially the name I had was BronzeTrill. I thought this was uber clever because it kinda rhymes with Bronzeville. Bronze Trill Bronzeville they just go together. If you look up Trill in the urban dictionary it states  that Trill is An adjective used in hip-hop culture to describe someone who is considered to be well respected, coming from a combination of the words “true” and “real“.

I thought to myself perfect… Bronzeville is both “true” and “real”. True and real people live here and make Bronzeville what it is. It’s urban.  Yes but it once was a neighborhood that was well respected. I mean Ida B Wells and Louis Armstrong  lived here. They had houses here. There’s even a Black History Makers Walk of Fame down King Drive.


I went ahead and submitted my pitch to ChicagoNow using the name of BronzeTrill. I envisioned T-shirts and hats with the same name being sold on Etsy. I was so excited about this I told my husband about how brave I was and how I actually submitted a pitch to ChicagoNow at like 1:30 in the morning for a blog. Of course, he was happy for me. He then proceeded to ask me what the name was and I said BronzeTrill.  Then he asked me what trill was. And I was flabbergasted by this because he is a huge black man who should know what trill is. He was like it is in the urban dictionary and it is too slangy, you need to change it. Too slangy? Good golly Miss Molly!! #really?

So like most wives, I decided to ignore him but when the ChicagoNow Community Manager literally asked me in my interview what Trill was I knew I had a problem. I didn’t want to have to constantly explain my blog title to people. I wanted them to be into the content. In spite of my blog having the title of a WuTang Clan Greatest Hits Album, the Community Manager was still really interested in my pitch and I was scheduled to start working on it. But before I could publish I decided that I had to come up with another name.  

There’s a lot of pressure associated with naming something. I shoved the responsibility of naming my son off on my husband – how could I come up with a blog title.

Ok Joy, What could it be? Bronzeville would be too generic and unoriginal. Black and Bronze would be too obvious. BronzeBaby makes my blog sound like it’s written by a 56 year old black woman who’s getting her groove back and who just so happens to be my aunt. I was stumped. I started playing off names and of course I went to the source of all knowledge… Google. And thankfully Google was able to help me.

I googled quotes with bronze in them and there were like none. They all were about the bronze medal and the Olympics. I thought to myself this is perfect. I can name my blog “The Bronze Medal. It’s a great play of words. People be sleeping on the bronze and I kinda feel like people be sleeping on Bronzeville. (even though its a great community that is slept on a little way too much -everyone knows Hyde Park. Obama lives there right? Yadayadayada but Bronzeville – hmmm…not so much.)

So I was like, yea imma go with “The Bronze Medal” but that seemed too long and wordy so I just cut it down to TheBronze. Clever girl.

There was a movie that came out in 2015 by the same title.

Movie Review to come...

Movie Review to come…

It seemed funny and I seem funny. So it works.


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