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Film Journal: Week 5- Done Production

Alert readers may have noticed that I skipped Week 4 of this production journal. This isn’t entirely by accident. I attempted to sit down and write a journal entry last Monday after a weekend of shooting only to discover that I hadn’t had enough time to digest everything that had happened. This sometimes happens to... Read more »

Film Journal: Week 2- Sleep and Safety

One of the most common pieces of advice given to students about to embark on the particular semester of the Production program that I am about to embark on is this: “Get a lot of sleep over break- because you won’t be getting any sleep once the semester begins.” The frequency of this piece of... Read more »

Film Journal: Week 1- Went to Jail

This time next week the term break will be over and I will be back in classes for the spring semester. Upon reading over the syllabus for my production class I discovered that one of the requirements is that every Monday I will be required to turn in a journal entry chronicling my trials and... Read more »

Fresh Eyes

On Friday the graduate film production students held an informal screening of our “P1” films. (P1= Project 1) These were the very first films that we produced as part of the program. They were limited to five minutes in length and we had to record production sound, but we were not allowed to incorporate dialogue.... Read more »