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Film Journal: Week 5- Done Production

Alert readers may have noticed that I skipped Week 4 of this production journal. This isn’t entirely by accident. I attempted to sit down and write a journal entry last Monday after a weekend of shooting only to discover that I hadn’t had enough time to digest everything that had happened. This sometimes happens to... Read more »

6 Reasons Why Chicago Is Great For Independent Filmmakers

6 Reasons Why Chicago Is Great For Independent Filmmakers
  It’s our birthday! Blue Damen Pictures, our humble Chicago-based film production company is turning SIX years old today. In this day and age that feels like an accomplishment, and we owe a lot to our Windy City roots. So to celebrate our sixth lap around the sun here are six reasons why Chicago is... Read more »

3 Reasons Chicago Makes Better Films Than Hollywood

Hollywood has made some pretty darn good films in its time, and it makes a lot of them. (Movies, that is, not necessarily good ones.) But Chicago has turned out some pretty good films too: Blues Brothers, Ferris Bueller, Dark Knight… And considering the proportion of Good films made in Chicago to the total number of... Read more »

People Who Make Films Because They Love It

We have lift off! My first blog, that is.  This is Greg Kiernan by the way and this is my first time writing on this platform.  Why, you ask, did a person who has never blogged about anything before decide to try it out now?  Because I have some very exciting news — I am... Read more »

Herding Cats- Have You Ever Tried It?

Oh, hi there- has it been a while since we were last in touch? Yes, yes it has. We had this grand goal of having an update every week until our film “Dark Before Dawn” was finished but we’ve had a few weeks of chasing our tails that we didn’t think would make for interesting... Read more »

Downtown Elgin's Starring Role in Independent Film

Production of the Film “Night Train” Showcases Rejuvenated Downtown Elgin   Blue Damen Pictures will be producing their first feature film “Night Train” right in downtown Elgin this Memorial Day Weekend. Shot entirely on location in a single weekend “Night Train” will feature local businesses and Elgin’s revitalized parks, Main Street and riverfront in the... Read more »

What Are the Holidays Without A Little Tinsel?

What Are the Holidays Without A Little Tinsel?
Greetings!                 Happy New Year! It is always bittersweet to realize another year has come to an end, but in looking back we realized that 2010 was a wonderful year for us here at Blue Damen Pictures. We thought we’d take a moment to share with you some of the success that your support has... Read more »

All Wrapped Up With Nowhere to Go (But Up!)

Well, the holidays are here again which means that it is time for the fourth annual Blue Damen Pictures “That’s A Wrap” gift wrapping fundraiser! We started the tradition of wrapping gifts at a local mall back in our very first year as a company in order to raise enough money to finish our first... Read more »