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Film Journal: Week 5- Done Production

Alert readers may have noticed that I skipped Week 4 of this production journal. This isn’t entirely by accident. I attempted to sit down and write a journal entry last Monday after a weekend of shooting only to discover that I hadn’t had enough time to digest everything that had happened. This sometimes happens to... Read more »

Film Journal: Week 1- Went to Jail

This time next week the term break will be over and I will be back in classes for the spring semester. Upon reading over the syllabus for my production class I discovered that one of the requirements is that every Monday I will be required to turn in a journal entry chronicling my trials and... Read more »

Speaking From The Heart

You would think that it would be easy to write about something that one feels passionately about; and it is up to a certain point. But as anyone who has ever tried to compose an application essay  to a program that they really, really  want to get into knows: it is easier to feel strongly about... Read more »