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Fresh Eyes

On Friday the graduate film production students held an informal screening of our “P1” films. (P1= Project 1) These were the very first films that we produced as part of the program. They were limited to five minutes in length and we had to record production sound, but we were not allowed to incorporate dialogue.... Read more »

Babies Do NOT Belong In Movie Theatres!!!

Over the weekend I had the pleasure of seeing “Monsters University” as a birthday outing with my husband who is not, in general, fond of animated movies. We decided to catch a matinee hoping that it would be cheaper and less crowded than an evening showing. It still wasn’t cheap, but at least the crowd... Read more »

You're Making A Movie? Who Cares?

You're Making A Movie? Who Cares?
No really: Who cares? Who is going to care enough to come and see it? This is a question that a lot of emerging filmmakers assume will answer itself once the movie is made: that their story will be good for everyone and it will become a hit on the merits of its storytelling and... Read more »

The Importance of Audience

As someone who makes film there is a certain amount of embarrassment involved in admitting how rare it is that I go to the movie theatre. I’m probably not alone in this: with movies On Demand and Netflix and the like it isn’t necessary to leave the house to catch up on the latest cinematic... Read more »

Who Cares About Independent Film Anyway?

<Start irony> Thanks Apple. And Canon. And Sony. And all of you- you know who you are. You’re the ones who made it just SO easy for everyone to become a filmmaker these days and now we’re paying the price. The Facebook messages, the endless event invitations, the please-like-this-project-cuz-I’m-working-on-it-and-we’re-friends-right? pleas. Oh yeah, and the constant... Read more »

Are American Audiences Getting Dumber?

Mention the film “Jack and Jill” in the same sentence as, say, “Melancholia” and your conversation will inevitably end with someone shaking their head and saying: “I just don’t get how movies can make so much money when they just keep getting dumber and dumber” to which someone will reply: “That’s what sells- Americans are... Read more »