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Red Carpet Truths

So in last weeks post I described the steps for becoming a spectator at the Academy Awards red carpet. This week I just want to follow up on that topic with a few things I learned from the experience. First of all, there are two kinds of spectators alongside the Oscars red carpet: there are... Read more »

How To Go To The Academy Awards (Without Making A Movie)

How To Go To The Academy Awards (Without Making A Movie)
Whether you are a filmmaker or not there is just something exciting about the Academy Awards. This is the pinnacle of what Hollywood stands for and who among us can say they have never imagined what it would be like to Be There? Recently I applied to be an extra along the red carpet for... Read more »

Oscar Night Predictions

By Greg Kiernan Awards shows are fun but the Oscars are business. Some consider the Oscars a self-congratulatory pat on the back by Hollywood.  Others consider it glamorous and the most fabulous of all the award shows.  As for me, I consider it the epitome of Hollywood politics (which is a good thing); everyone considers... Read more »