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Where Do Movies Come From

Where Do Movies Come From
Now that filmmaking technology has moved from actual film to digital media to computers to handheld devices it’s fairly safe to say that Movies can come from anywhere. It used to be that movies got made in places like Los Angeles because the process of filming was prohibitively expensive to do anywhere else without the... Read more »

Five Years of Filming in Chicago

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Everybody wants to be an overnight success. We sometimes fall into the  trap of thinking that the only movies being made are the blockbuster hits that take theatres by storm. It’s easy to be so dazzled by the glitz of an action packed feature film and it’s easy to forget that the people who made... Read more »

Looking Back, Looking Forward

We hope this letter finds you in good spirits as we prepare to celebrate the New Year! As much as we look forward to a little holiday rest and relaxation we are busier than ever here at Blue Damen Pictures and as we look forward to a bright New Year we wanted to take a... Read more »

REEL Chicago Filmmakers

In an exciting twist of events one of our older projects, a short film entitled “Mattress World”, is going to be enjoying a bit of a festival revival this weekend. “Mattress World” was selected to screen at the Chicago REEL Shorts Film Festival this weekend and will be showing on Sunday afternoon at 2:45pm as... Read more »

The Gentleman's (And Ladies') Rejection Tasting Guide: Prim and Business-like

On every life a little rain must fall and for every project a few rejection letters land in our in-box. We’ve become quite the connoisseurs of a good rejection; why not put this experience to good use? Thus we present for your reading pleasure: “The Gentleman (and Ladies) Rejection Tasting Guide”. “Dear Gwydhar – Re: OFFICIAL FESTIVAL NOTIFICATION... Read more »

Up Coming Screenings of "Mattress World"

You’ve heard the expression “Let’s get this show on the road?” Well, that is just what we plan to do for the next few months! Within the next month we will be taking “Mattress World” from coast to coast. Like a tour. We should make t-shirts… MARCH 19th, 2011 This will be our third year... Read more »

Chicago- The Worst Place To Visit Ever?

Chicago- The Worst Place To Visit Ever?
As March nears we are in the process of making plans to travel literally coast to coast to screen our most recent film “Mattress World” at film festivals. Our first stop will be Vegas for the Vegas Media Expo followed shortly by the LA Women’s Film Festival, followed shortly by the Lichtfield Hills Film Festival... Read more »

"Mattress World" Awarded Best Family Short at Illinois International

What a wonderful way to start off November! We screened “Mattress World” on November 7th at the Illinois International Film Festival to a wonderfully appreciative audience. Gwydhar and Danellyn were in attendance for the screening as well as one of our stars Tin Penavic.  Recently we also learned that our little film was awarded Best... Read more »

Upcoming Screening: Illinois International Film Festival!

Well, it may seem as though Blue Damen Pictures has disappeared off the map but rest assured that we are still alive and well! In fact, we will be screening our newest film “Mattress World” on November 7th at the Illinois International FIlm Festival.  Illinois International Film Festival is an old favorite of ours: we... Read more »

Win. Place. Show.

The hardest part about being a filmmaker is the rejection. And there are so many people trying to be filmmakers these days thanks to the democratization of the industry by the digitalrevolution that there’s an awful lot of rejection to go around.  “Thank you for submitting your film,” The contemporary rejection letter reads. “We had... Read more »