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Film Journal: Week 3- Cast, Crashed and Crushing It

Last week didn’t feel like a week. It felt more like a month. And not an ordinary month of boring daily routines and structured monotony, but a month of compressed manic-depression. In one moment I would be giddy with joy. In the next moment I would be on the verge of a hypoglycemic nervous breakdown.... Read more »

Film Journal: Week 2- Sleep and Safety

One of the most common pieces of advice given to students about to embark on the particular semester of the Production program that I am about to embark on is this: “Get a lot of sleep over break- because you won’t be getting any sleep once the semester begins.” The frequency of this piece of... Read more »

Influences: Comedy and Ken Levine

A little over a year ago I decided that I wanted to begin making comedies. I had tried making experimental films, artistic films, mumblecore films, absurdist/surreal films and even a straight-up dramatic film. All of these projects were interesting and valuable experiences, but the resulting films weren’t exactly the kind of thing I would want... Read more »

Film Journal: Week 1- Went to Jail

This time next week the term break will be over and I will be back in classes for the spring semester. Upon reading over the syllabus for my production class I discovered that one of the requirements is that every Monday I will be required to turn in a journal entry chronicling my trials and... Read more »