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Pros and Comic Cons

It was ten thirty on Thursday night. I had just gotten home from a preview screening of “Blackfish”. I was checking my phone for the last time before going to bed and I noticed a text from my sister: “R u free tomorrow? Wanna go to Comic Con? Free tickets just fell in mah lap.”... Read more »

How To Tell Someone Where To Stick Their Opinions

Recently I posted an opinion that Babies Do Not Belong In Movie Theatres after experiencing the disruption of having a baby cry throughout a movie. ┬áNow I should clarify that I don’t hate kids and I don’t hate parents- in fact I think that well behaved kids and responsible parents should be praised with a... Read more »

Babies Do NOT Belong In Movie Theatres!!!

Over the weekend I had the pleasure of seeing “Monsters University” as a birthday outing with my husband who is not, in general, fond of animated movies. We decided to catch a matinee hoping that it would be cheaper and less crowded than an evening showing. It still wasn’t cheap, but at least the crowd... Read more »

Do Americans Like Watching The White House Explode?

Do Americans Like Watching The White House Explode?
In the town where I live fireworks are not only legal but are easily accessible thanks to a fireworks stand on every corner. As soon as it was dark out the neighborhood erupted in a cacophony of explosions. A brief walk to the end of the block revealed that dozens of our neighbors were out... Read more »